How To Open All The Wells With The Well Wheel In Resident Evil Village

If you played the demo of Resident Evil Village, or are just starting to play the full game, you’ll no doubt find the wells strewn about the village. Each of them has some special items in them – whether they’re treasures or valuable resources. But for the opening moments of the game, you’re told that you need an “other item” in order to use them.


The Well Wheel is the item you need – and while I would bet most players won’t miss it, it’s actually completely optional. Not a single item you obtain from the wells in the village are required to finish the game’s critical path, but they’ll definitely help you find some treasures and resouces that will make your playthrough all that little bit more convenient.

But fear not, you probably haven’t missed anything, as you can’t open the wells until after you’ve finished Castle Dimitrescu. During that area of the game, you’ll come across the Iron Insignia Key. That key allows you to access some rooms in the castle, but it also allows you to open some gates that have locked off parts of the village.

After you’ve finished with the castle and it’s vivacious denizens, you’ll be back in the village. You’ll want to head to your main objective – to find the house with the red chimney – but nearby you’ll find another iron gate.

After opening this Iron Gate, you’ll be able to enter the house (don’t go up the ladder straight away). Inside the house is a few resources (they’re random, as far as I can tell) as well as a nice and shiny Well Wheel. This is the item you need – and once you pick it up it’ll live in your Key Items inventory forever.

From this point on, you can pretty much open any well you come across.