Astro’s Playroom – Special Bot Locations And Riddle Solutions

Well, one of them.

As a little surprise for Astro Bot fans, a new update dropped this morning for the free Astro’s Playroom game on PS5, adding in some new PlayStation 5 artefacts to unlock and view as well as a confounding new set of secret riddles complete with their own trophies.

The update introduces a special portal to the “PlayStation Labo” area in the game, and within it an extra room to view some new models that can be unlocked in the gacha machine. You’ll find things like PS5 Slim, DualSense Edge, PlayStation Portal, PS VR2, Sense Controllers and PlayStation Access Controller. You’ll also find a countdown clock to the release of Astro Bot along with a special easter egg when you interact with the PlayStation Portal.

On top of the new collectibles, some “Special Bots” have been hidden across the various worlds with cryptic riddles that need solving to rescue them. Doing so rewards a series of new trophies, but so far only one – a Bloodborne bot hidden in the GPU Jungle level – has been found and solved. Learn how to do it for yourself below, and keep checking back as we discover how to solve the others:

Astro’s Playroom – How To Rescue The Special Bots

Bloodborne Bot (Hunted Down trophy)

  • Head to the very beginning of the GPU jungle level, the Renderforest area
  • Follow the path up to where there are some trees and a huge log with two caterpillar enemies circling around it
  • Just behind the log is a Bloodborne bot swinging his sword around, go behind him and stand in the shrubs
  • A secret platform will open up behind you with the Maria bot you need to rescue
  • Now, head up onto the big log, defeat the enemies and open up the path in the middle
  • Follow this path along the trees until the last tree platform
  • One the far side of this trunk you’ll see a small clock, stand in front of it and pause your game
  • A mysterious screen will pop up with a date, enter 24-11-2015 (the original release date of Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC)
  • You’ve free the Maria bot!
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Returnal Bot (Deja Phew! trophy)

  • Warp to the Deep Dataspace section of the SSD Speedway level
  • Play through this section until you reach the area where Astro obtains a ball shooter from a chest
  • Don’t get the shooter just yet, instead look just to the left and you’ll see a swirling vortex out in space
  • Stand on the small ledge facing that vortex and jump forward (you’ll be fine!)
  • A platform will appear and catch you, containing the Selene bot
  • Once that’s done, go back and pull the chest containing the shooter out of the ground
  • Play through this first bit of the shooting section until you get to a room with dangling lights and a bunch of enemies
  • You can kill the purple enemies if you want, but don’t kill the green slime ones
  • Instead, go past them and up the steps, then turn back and walk along the top of the area
  • Along these narrow walkways you’ll see a tiny astronaut doll
  • Go and stand on/by the doll and let the green slime enemies hit you with their projectiles
  • You’ll die and respawn with Selene freed!

Ape Escape Bot (No Escape! trophy)

  • TBD

Gran Turismo Bot (Grand Tourist trophy)

  • TBD

Astro Bot launches on September 6th for PS5 in both physical and digital form, with a full-fledged new 3D platforming adventure absolutely packed with PlayStation references, characters and gadgets. You can learn more about the game, as well as find out the cheapest pre-order prices, bonuses and more in our guide right here.