The Battlefield 4 website seems to have revealed the game covers for PS4 & Xbox One. These both seem to be legit as they both match the branding of the consoles well.

You can see the PS4 cover  and the Xbox One cover here

We have contact both Sony and Microsoft for confirmation and will keep you updated.

  • PS4 wins

  • Bitchplease

    Xbox One wins HARD! PS4 is for paupers!

    • SONY

      We don’t tolerate negative opinion at any rate, it’s too taboo in Japanese culture. You need to be baptized in Sony’s church for gaming repentance.


  • Both probably are just some place holder covers… I doubt these are the true covers for PS4 and X-1 titles…

  • Michael Flanigan

    hopefully the playstation box/covers are the same as the PS3 ones but with PS4 on it lol Those covers look sweet tho