GTA 5 – Collectors and Special Edition Announced


The official listings for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, Collectors and Special listings have just been announced. As well as a special bonus for anyone who pre-orders just a standard version of the game.

Access to the Atomic Blimp can be yours simply by just pre-ordering any edition of the game at your favorite retailer.

The special edition includes:
A steelbook with exclusive artwork.
A blue print map with in game references to special events.
And a bunch of DLC including Stunt Plane Trials, Special Ability Boost and Bonus Weapons, Tattoos, Outfits and more.

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The Collectors Edition Boasts all previous bonuses mentioned in the Special Edition plus:
A GTA SnapBack cap and GTA Security Deposit Bag with Logo Key
Additionally more DLC is included which is access to unique Vehicles, Garage Access and Custom Characters for GTA Online.

These bonuses are available for pre-order now at your favorite retailer

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