New Injustice DLC outed!

NetherRealm Studio’s Injustice game’s source code has been broken into via multiple sources and the list of DLC characters has been revealed. Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpion and General Zod. Considering the mark has been two from two as far as announcements go. Should we trust these rumours or treat them as what they are, rumours?

Secondary source user “STORMS” of has found the following statement from a user on

“scorpion’s trailer is going up tomorrow. his model and moves are brand new – he is not just a lazy mk9 port. as for his character power? “flame on!” he will be available to download next week on june 4.
zod will be revealed e3 week and will be playable at the e3 show floor in the warner bros booth. injustice’s first summon character? hmm. he will be available for download on june 18.
some extra news will come out of e3 – it would appear spring isn’t the only season to get a pass!
come back here tomorrow when my scorpion news pans out and i might be in a giving mood. ”

Taking this as a grain of salt, with no official release from either Warner Bros or NetherRealm. It would certainly seem these remaining two characters are well within the boundaries of Injustice.

Scorpion who is NetherRealm’s poster boy would easily fit into the fray, whilst General Zod is going to build an amazing amount of hype for this years most anticipated comic book film “Man of Steel”. Zod stars as the main antagonist of the film and featuring in Injustice is only deepening the worldwide awareness of DC Comics and their various characters.

What are your thoughts? Are these two final reveals acceptable for the roster? Are they what you are expecting? Sound of in the comments below as we wait for more detailed information to come to light.