Infinite Crisis Founders Program Announced

The DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis, is the next game in a long list of others that have decided to implement the “Founders Program”

If you aren’t aware of what a Founders Program is, I’ll simplify it for you. It’s more or less, paid access to a closed beta. You also get a few extra goodies depending on how much you pay. If you’re interested go over here .

Infinite Crisis is boasting three different tiers for their Founder Program. Basic, Standard and Elite. Here is what you get for each different tier.

Basic: $19.99

  • 800 Crisis Coins
  • 3 Champion Unlocks
  • Instant early access to the Coast City map
  • Exclusive Bronze Protector Icon (An emblem that appears on your profile in-game and forums)

Standard: $49.99

  • 3200 Crisis Coins
  • 6 Champion Unlocks
  • Instant Early Access to Coast City
  • Exclusive Silver Protector Icon
  • Exclusive “Renaissance” Gaslight Batman Costume
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Elite: $99.99

  • 8600 Crisis Coins
  • 12 Champion Unlocks
  • Instant Early Access to Coast City
  • Exclusive Gold Protector Icon (This one has a star on top! Whoopee!)
  • Exclusive “Renaissance” gaslight Batman Costume
  • Exclusive “Arkham City” Batman Costume
  • Guaranteed Early Access to the Next Map Release, Gotham Divided

Now I’m not sure about you guys, but I have a pretty positive opinion on the whole founders program trend. I’m also quite excited for Infinite Crisis. While I’m not so good at MOBA’s (Nor do I play them often for that matter) But the idea of a team fights with Batman, Joker, Cyborg and other DC characters get me all jittery. I think I might jump in on this one.

While Infinite Crisis has not specific release date as of yet. You can expect the game to drop before the end of 2013.