Games with Gold – Dead Rising 2 & Dead Rising 2 Case: 0

As you may know by now Microsoft has been leaving some delicious breadcrumbs on the road to its Xbox One release in the form of “Games with Gold”. Dropping each 1st and 16th of the month in the lead up to Xbox One”s launch in November, Games With Gold is a program in direct competition with PS Plus and its instant game collection giving free games from the consoles back catalogue for a limited time. This month we have seen the 2007 Xbox classic Crackdown included in its Games for Gold program and has now launched a double dose of zombie killing in the form of Dead Rising 2 and the XBLA game Dead Rising Case:0.

The Dead Rising series features hoards of zombies to kill as well as the ability to combine almost any two items together creating a wild and wacky range of weapons to last out the ensuring zombie apocalypse. If you have been hungering for a chance to sever the undead in two with chainsaws attached to a boat paddle then this is a worthy addition to your Games on Demand library.

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dead rising 2

It is important to note that Games for Gold are only available to gold members but once redeemed will be licensed to your Xbox Live profile for good regardless of whether you gold membership lapses or not.  You can hardly argue with free games so head over to  the to cue up your downloads or get them via the Xbox 360 dashboard. Happy hunting.