Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming West 2015

Boy isn’t it an exciting news night! Capcom has just announced via their Capcom Unity blog, that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be making it’s way to the West on the 3DS in early 2015!

Here is the video form of the announcement by series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto.

[embedvideo id=”-fRJ2ymatGE” website=”youtube”]

Today Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 4G is in development in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the equivalent version for the western audience. So you don’t need to worry about missing any content.

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Monster Hunter has been a series that has not released some of it’s titles in the west, so I’m glad that we will be getting Monster Hunter 4 in this way.  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate boasts a lot of new yet to be revealed features, a focus on more lateral and vertical movement, dynamic and fluid hunts, and some fan favourite returning Monsters.  There has been no comment on whether a Wii-U port will be on the way.