League of Legends Pulling In 27 Million Players A Day

The popular free-to-play MOBA by RIOT Games, League of Legends has released some numbers on daily player count. A press release sent claims that League Of Legends is pulling in 27 Million Players a day and has 7.9 million online during peak times.

This is double the amount that they released in October 2012 and adds fifty percent to their peak amount. League Of Legends is the biggest eSport in the world having 32 million people watching the season 3 world championship. This makes it the most watched eSport event in history!

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With these ever-growing numbers League of Legends creator RIOT has stated that they believe League of Legends will be around for at least another 10 years and I believe so too.

To put these numbers in to perspective, the most popular steam game DOTA 2 only receives a daily player amount of 642,000 making it barely scratch the surface of League of Legends.