The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Announced

Surprise surprise, The Elder Scrolls online will be getting a collectors edition in the form of The Imperial edition. It’s been a while since the previous retail MMORPG collectors edition, but it’s more or less the standard affair for this sort of thing.

  • 12″ Molag Bal Statue
  • Map of Tamriel
  • The Emperor’s guide to Tamriel
  • Ability to play as an Imperial
  • White Imperial Horse Mount
  • Rings of Mara
  • Your own Mudcrab vanity pet.

As of right now, EB Games has it listed for 139.95 for the retail.

Bathesda also revealed another trailer for the game in the form of this 8 minute trailer.

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[embedvideo id=”DVMNQozxqos” website=”youtube”]

The Elder Scrolls Online will be hitting digital and retail shelves as a staggered release. April 4th for the PC, and no release date as of yet for the Xbox One and PS4 versions. It was revealed earlier this week that The Elder Scrolls online will not require Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play the game on top of the subscription fee.