Mobile Phones Account For 75% Of The Handheld Market

Smart phone games accounted for 75% of the handheld gaming market last year despite huge sales increases for the Nintendo. Nintendo sold an additional 10m handheld games last year making its sales numbers reach 30m for the year. PS Vita and PSP sold around 8m copies.

Overall physical and digital sales of handheld games have risen 9% in the last year but it was the year of the smart phone. Consumer spending on the Google play store has increased in the last quarter by four times that of last years and the Apple iOS App Store more than doubled in the same period.

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The revenue raised by the iOS App Store absolutely shattered that of the handheld and Google Play store. With consumer spending reaching 200m whilst handhelds and Google Play reached between 120m and 130m.

2013 was the year of the Smart phone. Will it continue to rise?