Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift For 2 Billion Dollars

Mark Zuckerberg announced this morning on his Facebook page that the company had acquired Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars. Zuckerberg went on to state that immersive gaming will be their first focus and he then hopes to focus on bringing the Oculus Rift to other social experiences. You can read Mark Zuckerberg’s full statement here

If recent history prevails from previous Facebook acquisitions, key developers could now drop their support for the Oculus Rift. Minecraft creator, Notch has already come out in his disappointment in Oculus, tweeting to fans that Minecraft will no longer be coming to the platform.

We want hands on with the Oculus Rift at PAX Australia in May and we absolutely loved it. You can read our impressions here

What are your thoughts? Are you happy that Oculus has been bought out?