“Project Beast” Could This Be A New “Souls” Game?


Anyone who knows me or listens to The Start Cast knows very well that recently I’ve become a huge Dark Souls Fan. Guess how excited I am to hear this news.

Now, Take it with a grain of salt; these screenshots originated from 4chan’s /v/ board. They seem to hint at a new “souls” like game in the making, so perhaps it could be Demon’s Souls 2?  Or maybe something else entirely. Dubbed Project Beast, we know nothing of the game, but stay sharp; this could be interesting.

This text was attached to the post.

“he walked around

fought enemies

i can describe a giant mindflayer type enemy

a character placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue

a huge pyromancy fireball


there was text “This is a nightmare.”

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