Ed McMillen Made, and Released, a Game in 12 Hours

Edmund McMillen, best known as the creator of The Binding of Isaac and co-creator of Super Meat Boy, has created and made available a small, but interesting, web game, titled Facist!.

McMillen created the game as part of a game jam, and did so in just twelve hours, though it humorously notes that his Team Meat partner, Tommy Refenes, “helped for seventeen minutes.”

According to McMillen, the game is meant to offer a caricature of your future child, which is accessed by simply typing in its name. Though you’re able to produce an array of bizarre faces by typing in just about anything.

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To try Facist! for yourself, click here.

I’ll leave you with the twisted creature that appeared at the entering of my own name; it’s so lifelike it’s scary.