E3 2014: Suda51 Reveals PS4 Exclusive, Let It Die

Auteur game designed Suda51 and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture have revealed a brand new game that will be coming exclusively to Playstation 4 sometime in 2015.

The game is titled Let It Die, and seems to mix elements of Rockstar’s Manhunt with a stat-focused combat system similar to Borderlands or Diablo all wrapped under the gorey pretense of Hostel or SAW. The trailer is pretty sparse on details, but shows a multitude of fighters each arming themselves with all kinds of weaponry such as spiked bats, morning stars, hatchets and even flamethrowers. Given the way that names seem to appear on the screen, it can be assumed this game will probably feature a multiplayer component in some capacity.

Outside of the live-action footage, some gameplay is shown, but it’s clear this game is quite early in it’s development. Regardless, it looks like an ultraviolent romp that fans of Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51 have come to expect.

We’ve attached the trailer below for your convenience.

While Let It Die has been dated for 2015, and is exclusive to Playstation 4 – Suda and Grasshopper’s other Playstation 4 game, Lily Bergamo, was not discussed.