Nintendo Reveal Two ‘New 3DS’ Models

Nintendo have lifted the lid on two brand new 3DS models in their latest Nintendo Direct. The New 3DS XL will have a 4.88inch screen whilst the New 3DS OG will have a 3.88 inch screen. The consoles will have colour coated buttons similar to that of the Super Nintenod.

The ‘New 3DS’ models will gain a second stick that is apparently based off the Gamecube’s second CC stick. The console will also gain two extra shoulder buttons. It also has a Wider 3D sweetspot and NFC embedded in the device. This means that you won’t need an accessory to use Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo range.

The most interesting thing to note is that the ‘New 3DS’ has an improved CPU. This means that there will be games that will only be playable on the revised console. A remake of the smash-hit Wii game, Xenoblade was announced as a ‘New 3DS’ exclusive.

Nintendo also revealed that it will have MicroSD compatibility and will be customisable with unique skins, similar to the Gameboy Micro. Both models are said to have an improved battery life.

The 3DS will release in Japan on October 11th. It’s not expected to make it’s way over to Australia in 2014.