Xbox One’s September System Update Now Available

If your console hasn’t automatically updated already, the new system update can now be download from Xbox Live for Xbox One consoles.

The update adds improvements in the Party app, more interactivity options into Xbox SmartGlass, the ability to say “Xbox On” in Australia to poewr on their console, the ability to boot their console straight to the television app as well as the functionality that allows multiple game clips in the Game DVR to be marked and deleted at once.

Two major features are the Media Player app, which can play media files from an attached USB device. While DLNA support is coming for home media servers later in the year, the plan with the app is to play more formats than the Xbox 360 ever could. Microsoft promised support for MPEG-2 TS, MKV and even animated GIFs will be coming by the end of the year.

Finally, for anyone living in an area where bandwidth usage is metered, counted and subsequently capped – the latest update also allows users to see how much bandwidth their Xbox One is consuming across certain periods of time.