Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 Launches for iPad/iPhone

Disney Interactive have today announced the launch of the free Disney Infinity Toy Box app for iPad and iPhone. The app features all of the tools and features from the console version of Disney Infinity 2.0. Players can also use multiplayer functionality to create toyboxes together.

“With the Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 app, we wanted to give our fans the chance to build and play console-quality Toy Boxes on their tablets and smart phones, and Metal allows us to offer the highest-quality Disney Infinity experience, whether players are already on console or coming to the game exclusively through their mobile devices,” said John Blackburn, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Infinity. “Disney Infinity’s mobile players have been some of our most engaged in our community, with iPad users downloading and uploading more Toy Boxes than all other platforms combined over the past year.”

You can download Toy Box 2.0 from the App Store HERE