Far Cry 4 Complete Edition heading to PC and PS4

If you’ve been holding out for a complete version of Far Cry 4, you’ll only have to wait until June 18th! Ubisoft just announced that Far Cry 4 plus all 5 DLC packs will be hitting shelves next month, but only for PC and PS4, with no word on if there will be an Xbox One version, or when it’s to be expected.

far cry 4 Far Cry PS4

The five DLC bits include:

  • Season Pass content:
    -The Syringe DLC: Players must find a rare and potent recipe before Pagan Min’s forces use it against the rebels.

  • Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC: Without anything to defend themselves with, players will have to complete a series of challenges to reach an extraction point.
    The Hurk Deluxe Pack contains five missions and an arsenal of five new weapons including “The Impaler”, Hurk’s harpoon gun.
    Overrun DLC allows players to team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path to swarm conflict zones, and overrun their opponents in maps based on Kyrat’s countryside.

  • Valley of the Yetis DLC: After crashing in the Himalayas, players must explore a new frozen landscape and discover the secrets behind a mysterious cult.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more!