Australian Developed Blast ‘Em Bunnies Releases Next Month

Australian independent developer Nnooo have announced that Blast ‘Em Bunnies would release next month on a series of major platforms.

March 9 – PS4/Vita
March 10 – Nintendo 3DS
March 11 – Xbox One™

Xbox One users can also pre-order Blast ‘Em Bunnies or the Super Mega Bundle containing the game, 5 arena packs, 5 skin packs and 3 multiplier bonuses from February 10. Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed but will be priced at $4.99USD.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies pits you the player as a cute, cartoon bunny called Bang Bang who must defend your rabbit burrow, against an onslaught of evil bunnies. These bunnies have captured your offspring and one of them, the evil Throatslitter, is holding them hostage. Just how long can you and your little ‘uns survive? Grab your carrot rifle, watermelon machine gun, turnip mortar or runner bean laser and take them down! Shoot coins to collect them and spend them on new weapons, upgrades and ammo including sticky raspberries, heat seeking chilli seeds, shredding leek lasers or bouncing, splitting, exploding pumpkin bombs!

Founder and Creative Director of Nnooo, Nic Watt says:

“As a development team of 2 and a company of 3 we have poured our heart and souls into making this game a highly polished, frenetic experience on all of the platforms we are releasing on. It has been a real labour of love to ensure we release across such a wide range of machines at the same time across the world. We are super proud of our efforts and hope all of our fans old and new enjoy the game!”