Nintendo Shows Off Impressive New Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard Footage

Nintendo have today revealed new details about the upcoming Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard. We now know that the TV will display a cinematic view from behind the Arwing whilst the Wii U GamePad will put the player direct in the gunner’s seat, complete with immersive audio and intuitive motion controls for pinpoint aiming.

Amiibo fans will be happy to hear that tapping your Falco Amiibo will allow you to unlock the Black Arwing which has more powerful weapons but a weaker defence. Using your Fox Amiibo will unlock a retro Arwing styled after the original Super NES Star Fox game, complete with awesome retro music.

We now have a better idea of what Star Fox Guard will be. Your placed in the ultimate security guard job defending mining sites against waves of robot invaders. The TV displays 12 surveillance feeds in which you have to use supreme awareness and multi-tasking skills in order to fend off the robot approach. You’ll also be able to create your own enemy patterns in ‘My Squad’ mode.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard launch on April 23rd. You’ll be able to pick up both games in the First Print Edition package for $99.95. Star Fox Guard will also be available separately for $19.50.