Incredible Dark Souls Board Game Hits Kickstarter

For those that want to take their virtual pain to the world of board games, an incredible Dark Souls board game has hit Kickstarter. Unsurprisingly, it reached its target of £50,000 in just 3 minutes. It’s already reached over £288,000 with over 3,500 backers.

The board game includes multiple beautiful miniatures and includes concepts and characters from the entire Dark Souls world. A single copy of the board game will set you back £80 plus shipping, which isn’t unusual for a brand new board game like this.

The good news is that this is an officially licensed product with Bandai Namco’s approval. It’s being produced independently by Steamforged Games. The bad news is that it won’t ship until April 2017.

You can back the Dark Souls board game HERE


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