REPORT: Microsoft Is Testing A Variety Of New Xbox One Prototypes

Sources close to Microsoft are reporting to The Verge that prototypes being tested on the Xbox One. The prototypes are said to include “upgraded components” similar to those which are known to improve the “performance of a PC gaming rig”.

The report comes after an FCC filing popped up last week suggesting that Microsoft was working on two new Xbox One models. One which appears to be a slim model. Since this FBB report was discovered, the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC posted an image of a new Xbox One wireless chipset.

Whilst this rumour sounds wild. Phil Spencer has already mentioned that Microsoft have looked into how they could upgrade the Xbox One mid-generation.

Rumours of the PlayStation ‘Neo’ and a similarly upgraded Xbox One are constantly swirling. It was just yesterday that more information was revealed about the PlayStation ‘Neo’ which is set to upgrade certain parts of the PlayStation 4 without splitting the user base.

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