The Nintendo NX May Use Cartridges Instead Of Discs

According to a new report, Japanese chip manufacturer Macronic is reportedly expecting a revenue increase in the latter half of 2017, thanks to a deal with Nintendo. Macronix has been making ROM chips for Nintendo for a long time. These chips are usually what make up the 3DS cartridges, but this particular report suggests that this certain cartridge is not intended for the 3DS. This is for a new line of chips that are smaller than the 3DS cartridge and are able to support higher capacities.

“In the past, Macronix sales performance usually peaked at third quarter, while declined at the fourth quarter,” the translated Japanese report reads.

This report is in line with some of the previous leaks that suggested Nintendo would were working on an optical storage-less console. This also furthers the rumours that the Nintendo NX could be ah hybrid of sorts featuring a portable solution.

The Nintendo NX will release in March 2017. Nintendo will reveal more about the console later this year.