Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Releases On Mobile

PlayStation Mobile have just released Uncharted: Fortune Hunter on both iOS and Android. The game is actually a decent free-to-play puzzle game starring both Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. Players navigate Nate around puzzle boards by dragging routes on the touch screen. You’re also able to interact with objects in the environment such as rocks and special stations that alter the paths available to him. Eventually the game introduces traps as well.

The game features six adventures each of which is themed to a famous historical figure. Only four are available at launch with the last two to come at a later date. Playing Fortune Hunter earns keys that unlock ‘Sully’s Loot’. You’re able to unlock a loot chest that will provide the player with items in Uncharted 4’s multiplayer component whether it be boosters for gear, heavy weapons or sidekicks.

Players must sign in with their PlayStation Network account and also have an active Uncharted 4 save file on hand to transfer their treasure.

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