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Dr. Neo Cortex May Have Just Teased A Crash Bandicoot Reboot

Rumours have been absolutely rampant over the last 6 months about a Crash Bandicoot reboot. We’ve seen a ton of teasers from PlayStation, but this one might just be the most believable yet. Neo Cortex’s voice actor Lex Lang posted on Facebook:

“Wow! What a throwback Thursday! This week I have been asked to resurrect three different characters that I voiced from 3 different games gone by. A doctor, a devil and a droid/AI. Unfortunately that’s all I’m allowed to disclose at this time. Stay tuned for more details!! Very excited about those!!”

Upon looking at Lang’s previous video game work, Neo Cortex is the only doctor that he has ever voiced. With the cries for Crash Bandicoots return getting louder, it seems that this E3 will be a now or never type situation for Crash.