SEGA & Atlus Become Publishing Partners

Today SEGA released the following video on their YouTube account to discuss comments fans have asked them, with on the questions being about late releases or no releases for major SEGA and Atlus titles in European markets.

They gave the following comment; “SEGA very much treats Atlus as an independent label, and as a result it’s up to Atlus to choose who they partner with to release their titles. We’re all big fans of Atlus games here in SEGA Central, and we’re looking forward to hearing more news on Atlus European releases shortly.”

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SEGA and Atlus are looking into deals with other publishing partners for EU markets in the future and the situation might change over time. Does not look good for the short-term but with titles like SEGA 3D Classics getting announced for EU markets this year, things should be getting better soon.

As this develops, we will comment on this further.