Doom’s Ugly Cousin Rears Its Head Again

The Strogg are back!

In following suit of previous id Software games, the long-awaited return of Quake has been announced by Bethesda with ‘Quake Champions’. With great successes of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and DOOM, it was a matter of time before Bethesda announced a return to the gory multiplayer franchise, having not been seen since Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in 2007.


John Carmack had long hinted at a return to the Quake franchise, but with multiple other original id Software titles returning to the field, Quake quietly slipped by in the meantime.

Tim Willits took the stage to describe the history of Quake, describing its history and impact. Claiming the game will play at 120hz to keep the game fast-paced and action-packed. Currently only announced for PC, more of the game will be showcased at QuakeCon in August

Revealed alongside an epic trailer, Quake Champions is set for release sometime in the near future.

See the trailer HERE