What do Mario Party and Spaghetti-Os have in common?

If you answered “they are both cheap but tasty”, I’m not quite sure why you’re eating video games, but you’re wrong.

Uncovered by user @starwindbliss on Twitter, it seems that the artwork for the upcoming Mario Party Star Rush is in fact not original, but a re-purposed render last seen on a can of Campbell’s Spaghetti-Os featuring Mario characters. Now while there are vaguely minor changes, it is clear that the imagery is practically the same.



Of course there isn’t much cause for concern, being artwork specifically licensed from Nintendo to promote the Super Mario branded Spaghetti-Os. In fact, if you are so far inclined and quite hungry reading this article, as of writing there is a pack of cans available on Amazon (but be quick, I’m sure they’ll go fast when fans make the connection).

Mario Party Star Rush is set for release later this year on the Nintendo 3DS. And no, it won’t be edible.