Nintendo Documents Reveal Focus On Smartphone Apps

In Nintendo’s latest consolidated financial report as made public here, the company made some interesting points regarding their focus on mobile apps following the release of the Miitomo and Pokemon GO apps.

“For our smart-device business, following Miitomo, which launched in March this year, we will release new apps such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. By continuously introducing apps for smart devices, we aim to maximize the population that has access to Nintendo IP. Alongside creating new demand, we aim to increase the synergistic effect on Nintendo’s dedicated game system business.”

From the extracted paragraph it looks like Nintendo aim to create more synergized experiences, creating companion apps to tie into their main console and handheld franchises. However  given the recent success of Pokemon GO (not developed by Nintendo but made in conjunction with them) it will be interesting to see where the company will go with mobile development.