ThreeA Are Creating An Epic Doom Action Figure

Following the wildly successful release of Doom earlier this year, Bethesda and iD Software have teamed up with ThreeA to unveil an amazing 1/6 scale Doom action figure.

Standing at 33.6cm tall, the Doom Marine features full range of articulation, a highly detailed Praetor Suit, 3 sets of interchangeable hands and 4 weapons from the game, including the iconic Super Shotgun.

The figure will set you back $338 AUD, and while it may seem overpriced, I’ve been collecting figures of this size and quality for some time and they rarely disappoint. The worst thing about this figure is that you’ll have to wait until mid 2017 to get your hands on it, which is the estimated shipping date.

You can head over to the Bethesda Store to pre-order.