Zelda Fan Receives Epic Package From Nintendo After Tragic Family Incident

Corey Austen shared the tragic family news of his brother’s passing some months ago with the folk at Zelda Informer, who then passed on the news to Nintendo HQ. Corey and his brother Matthew were both huge Zelda fans and were eagerly awaiting Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Fast-forward a few months to him receiving a care package from Nintendo with the below note.


Our condolences on your loss. May your brother’s legend live on forever. Thank you for sharing your story.


Your friends at Nintendo”



The care package included: 

  • Shadow Link Backpack
  • Shadow Link Hat
  • Shadow Link Dog Tags
  • Shadow Link Lanyard
  • Shadow Link Keyring
  • Leather Watch
  • Triforce Lamp
  • Legend of Zelda T-Shirt
  • Twilight Princess T-Shirt
  • Breath of the Wild E3 T-Shirt
  • Breath of the Wild E3 Lanyard
  • Breath of the Wild E3 Coin
  • Breath of the Wild E3 Staff pin


It’s incredibly touching to see Nintendo try and help one of their fans through a difficult time in their life.

You can read more about Corey’s story at Zelda Informer.