Please Explain: Pauline Hanson Disgusted That Aussie Gamers Are Losing Due To Internet Speeds

The day has finally come. Today is the day that we’re finally able to write about Pauline Hanson and even be able to wholeheartedly agree with her statement. Pauline Hanson today announced that she had joined the NBN committee which was probably a little bit of a shocker in itself.

Her next tweet, was something that probably nobody could have predicted. In response to something completely unrelated. Pauline Hanson tweeted out her support for gamers. Apparently, a lot of country kids are telling her that they can’t beat overseas gamers due to our absolutely terrible internet speeds.

Unfortunately, Hanson is correct in the fact that we just can’t compete with our shoddy speeds, but it’s definitely not limited to just those in the country.

NBN can’t come soon enough. Please save us Pauline.