First Trailer for Season 3 Of Telltale’s Walking Dead Shown At Game Awards

Along with officially announcing their Guardians of the Galaxy series, Telltale showed off the first trailer for the Walking Dead (Season 3) A New Frontier, at the Game Awards today.

In a truly chilling video, we met one of the newest characters to the series Javier, and learnt of his terrifying family story from the start of the outbreak. Javier, who is determined to find the family taken from him, is set to cross Clementine’s path, who we also got a look at, and is much older and badass as a young adult.

Players will take control of both series newcomer Javier, and Clementine, now a teenage survivor holding secrets of her past while fighting to protect a family of her own.

But more importantly, we will be getting two episodes on December 20th, as one was simply not enough at launch, said Telltale during the game awards announcement.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare yourself, its full on, but then again, it is The Walking Dead.