'Necrobarista' Is A Game Set In Melbourne Releasing This Year

‘Necrobarista’ Is A Game Set In Melbourne Releasing This Year

For all you visual novel game fans in Melbourne, you’ll be sure to get a kick out of this, as Necrobarista, a visual novel game coming out later this year, is set in Melbourne!

The first project from Melbourne based development team Route 59, Necrobarista is a supernatural original visual novel, which features stylised cinematics, largely influenced by anime aesthetics.

Set in a fictional version of Melbourne, the game follows the events around a supernatural cafe, where the living come to mingle with the dead.

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The first trailer is out now which you can check out below. It shows off the game’s gorgeous visuals, and a number of quirky looking characters, which we can’t wait to learn more about already.

Being developed in Unity, Necrobarista is set to release October this year, and is coming to PC and Mac.