Some months ago, some eyebrows were raised with the reveal of The Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary box-art which looked almost identical to The Uncharted Collection box-art.

Today, the tables have turned with a a key piece of Uncharted: Lost Legacy artwork having a really similar look and feel to that of a previous Rise of the Tomb Raider piece of art.

It’s on the front on the brand new issue of Game Informer, which looks absolutely stunning. 

All-in-all, it’s probably a major coincidence, but the similarities are quite incredible.

Tomb-Raider Uncharted-Lost-Legacy-620x349

  • VatoLoco47

    Is there a higher resolution of the Tomb Raiser one? Would make a great wallpaper. Also is it just me of does Chloe’s face look odd in that picture

    • VatoLoco47

      Never mind i worked it out. I just right clicked on the image and went to “open in a new tab” and It’s high resolution 🙂

  • Al Buns

    Uncharted has always had that type of concept art. Drake’s Fortune had the same when it released. One of the artist from Uncharted and The Last of Us worked on Rise of the Tomb Raider, so that is why the artwork is similar. That is also why RotTR had copied a lot more of the ideas and setting from Uncharted and took some things from TLoU.