One Victorian JB staff member has sent in his store’s gaming-focused Mother’s Day display.

There’s some great games on the shelf such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Stardew Valley, Yooka-Laylee and Overwatch.

My favourites are the incredibly difficult Nioh as well as the far too spooky Resident Evil 7. 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and there’s no better time to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life with an awesome gaming gift. 

For the non-gaming mothers, why not try and get them into gaming. My mum’s still hooked on Pokemon GO and Candy Crash, so that’s an easy one.


  • JessDeGreat

    So young mums dont get gifts? I understand the humour but mums aren’t all over 40? haha

    • Delta Hill

      Plus, even mum’s over 40 enjoy gaming. And ones like Resident Evil have been around since these 40+ mums were young, so they may have played all in the series, which makes them more interested in a new release. I’m completely over the push for dressing gowns, scented candles and posh bath accessories. Give me games any day! Signed an almost 40yr old mum.

      • JessDeGreat

        good point! My mum would love to play horror games if I would teach her.

  • Thanks Shannon for implying that only manly men are allowed to enjoy horror games and difficult games. This will definitely help the inclusivity image problem gaming has!

    • Catsy

      Why bother calling it out? Just enjoy what you want.

      Video game’s audience is almost at a 50/50 split.

    • Don Rio

      Chill mate