Apple Just Announced A Bunch Of New Products and Software Enhancements

Overnight, Apple held their traditional WWDC press conference. Traditionally, Apple uses the conference to announce new updates to their software, so developers can be ahead of the game and start planning their apps instead.

This year though, Apple used the conference to do that and announce a bunch of brand new products in almost every product line.

One thing is clear. Apple is targeting the creative professional and gamers with these updates. It looks like Apple products might finally become a viable choice for people who want virtual reality and games.

iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad 

Apple announced a bunch of new features that would be coming to both iPhone and the iPad. The focus here is on making the iPad line more equipped to handle tasks that you’d be used to performing with your PCs. This includes being able to access files from services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. There’s also a dock, better multitasking and the ability to drop and drag images and files.

On the iPhone side of things, there’s a brand new control centre which has customisable widgets. The App Store has been completely redesigned and looks much better for finding apps. The camera has seen some pretty good improvements and iMessage sticker integration has been improved.


New Revolutionary iPads

As previously rumoured, Apple introduced a brand new 10.5 inch iPad Pro which has had its display border reduced by nearly 40%. It means that it has a bigger screen in a device that doesn’t weigh anymore and is barely any bigger. They also introduced a brand new 12.9 inch model which has improvements under the hood. The 10.5 inch iPad starts at $979, which is quite pricy, but it might be worth it with the improvements that iOS11 brings.

New iMac Pro and MacBooks

One of the most unexpected announcements was the brand new iMac Pro that is due to release in December. It comes in Space Grey and has 8-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics. It’s the most powerful Mac ever released, but it’ll set you back $4,999 USD at the very minimum.
Apple also introduced updates to the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air ranges. They now include Kaby Lake processors which improves the speed and should also help with battery life. The introductory 13″ MacBook Pro also got a much needed price cut and now start at $1,899.

Apple HomePod

Apple revealed the Apple HomePod which is a wireless speaker that will deliver audio that will apparently adjust volume based on what is happening in the room. It’s also smart enough to help you discover what music you want to listen to next. It’s coming in December for $349 USD.