Terry Crews Is Playable In Crackdown 3

Given the bizarre Danny McBride promotions Microsoft has been running with of late, you would have been forgiven for thinking Terry Crews’ surprise cameo in the reveal trailer for Crackdown 3 was a mere publicity stunt to spark some interest.

But alas, it seems as though Terry Crews, who we all loved as the ever frugal father in Everybody Hates Chris and as Sgt. Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will indeed be playable in some form. Although it sounds as like his character, Commander Jaxon, is integral to the game’s narrative, it’s unclear whether he’ll be playable in the campaign, or whether he’ll be selectable in some other game mode.

Nevertheless, we’re keen to see what Sumo do with him.

Terry Crews hasn’t been bashful about his love for video games. Gamers will be very aware of the drawn out rumour of Crews starring as Doomfist, a rumoured forthcoming hero in Overwatch.

Crackdown 3 releases on November 7 to coincide with the launch of the Xbox One X.