Rocko’s Modern Life Is Making A Comeback

Some time ago, Nickelodeon confirmed that it would bring back a number of classic TV shows including Hey Arnold and my personal favourite, Rocko’s Modern Life. They have now confirmed that we’ll be getting a brand new Rocko’s Modern Life TV movie next year featuring the entire original cast.

This includes some iconic voice actors including Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence, Charlie Adler, Jill Talley, Linda Wallem, and Rocko himself, Carlos Alazraqui

They have also released the premise of the film which funnily enough includes Rocko returning from space (where he’s apparently been for 20 years) only to find out that his best friends Heffer and Filburt are addicted to smartphones and social media.

Honestly, this has made my day. I absolutely loved Rocko’s Modern Life and I’m glad that Nickelodeon is bringing it back to address some pretty serious issues.

Let the theme song greet you as you board the hype train.