Twitch Affiliates Will Now Have More Ways To Earn Money

As expected, Twitch has today expanded the Twitch Affiliate Program. It was previously a way for streamers to take the next step (before partnership) with selling bits and games though their channel pages which would allow them to theoretically improve their steam by making money, but today, the gap between a Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partnership just got a lot smaller.

The biggest announcement is that Twitch Affiliates just go access to all three subscription tiers. Further to this, Twitch Prime members can now use their free 30 day subscription on Twitch Affiliates in addition to Twitch partners.

Twitch Affiliates have also gotten access to emotes which is a major part of making their stream feel unique.

The subscription button will roll out to all Twitch Affiliate channels starting later this week. You can read more over on the Twitch blog.

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