The Incredible Summer Games Done Quick Raises A Crazy Amount For Charity

From a Portal 2 Co-op run being played through by one person, to Zelda Breath of the Wild being completed in 45 minutes, Summer Games Done Quick (GDQ) had it all.

The bi-annual charity gaming marathon raised a staggering $1,776,485.79 for the charity Doctors Without Borders, over a week of ridiculous and fun speed runs.

There are more crazy stats from the event. In total, there were 139 individual speed runs, 187 prizes, over 22,000 individual donors and over 30,000 donations. All in one week.

This was actually my first time watching but I fell in love with the incredible event, in which volunteers from around the world gather to speed run their favourite games for fun (and to see if they can beat their PBs of course).

The final run of the event was the Nintendo classic Earthbound.
The final run of the event was the Nintendo classic Earthbound.

The entire event was streamed live on Twitch so if you missed the event or want to check out any of the runs, you can watch all of them back on GDQ’s Twitch or YouTube channels.

Games Done Quick’s next event will be at the beginning of next year, from the 7th to the 14th of January.

    1. I missed it ! Going to go back and watch it sometime this week as it sounds insane! Loved the Majora’s Mask (all masks) and Earthbound (all photos) runs though. Never played them before but want to more than ever now. Such unique and weird games haha

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