This Spyro The Dragon Figure Sure Is Nice, But Boy It’s Pricey

With Crash Bandicoot soaking up the limelight, Activision has decided to bring their other little pal out to play. Spyro the Dragon is getting a deluxe 15″ statue, courtesy of the good guys at First 4 Figures.

They’ve gone with a truly classic pose, with Spyro’s original cover stance being recreated magnificently and, clearly, with a whole lot of care and respect to the source material. There’s a lengthy video put together by the team that recreated the purple dragon’s iconic cover pose where they discuss the statue at length, including special things they’ve managed to do for the ‘exclusive’ tiered release of the collectable.

It turns out the gems, another classic Spyro staple, are even made out of glass. Talk about quality.

It’s a must have for any die-hard fan, though it comes at a steep price. The statue, which is currently, at the time of posting, over a day away from opening pre-orders, will sell for the price of USD$325.

That translates to just over $415 of our Australian dollarydoos.

Crash Bandicoot got his own statue courtesy of this team so this will, of course, raise the question of whether a possible remaster for the Spyro trilogy might be something that’s in the works. Dreams are free, aren’t they?