Atlus Has Registered A Domain For A New Persona Dancing Game

The headline holds the bigger news, but along with it comes word that Atlus might also be, in the near future, announcing a sequel to Persona Q.

While Persona Central goes into the inner workings of the domain registrations and nameservers and all of that stuff that confuses me immensely, the bullet points to take away from this is that we could possibly be seeing two new Persona games sooner than later.

The domain “PERSONA-DANCE.JP” certainly hints at a sequel to the PS Vita’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

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And how good would that be?

Persona 5’s soundtrack was wall to wall bangers and I can honestly say I’d put some time into a rhythm game full to the brim of acid-jazz remixes. Show me someone that wouldn’t, and I’ll show you a liar.

The only question is whether it’ll release on the PS Vita once again, given the system’s slow death over the last couple of years. Let’s hope it does for the loyalists out there.