Cheez TV Is Making A Comeback With The Original Hosts

Don’t choke on your Rice Bubbles or anything, but Cheez TV is coming back to a screen near you.

The trip down nostalgia lane will air on Twitch with weekly episodes of the show set to stream every Sunday night at 7.00pm AEST. Not only is it coming back, it’s bringing original hosts Ryan Lappin and Jade Gatt with it.

The new program, rebranded as cheezontwitch, has been a long time in the making according to Gatt.

“We had tried the podcast thing and that wasn’t working, so we decided to go to a platform we would feel more comfortable. That is how we decided to push the show on Twitch,” Jade said in an interview for

“It’s going to be a variety show where we play all sorts of games we used to love. Basically, it’s just going to be a bit of fun every week.

“We will likely stream for a couple of hours, but we could go even longer if the Cheezoids want us to because that’s how we roll.”

I, for one, am going to get online half an hour early to stream some kind of aerobics routine and eat some cereal because damn it, some things are sacred. But for now, all that’s left to do is indulge in a little bit of nostalgia and crank that theme song.