Level 5 EB World Members Will Only Be Picked Once A Year

A few weeks ago, we broke the news that EB Games were sending out some pretty epic Level 5 EB World memberships to select EB Games shoppers.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news for those that didn’t receive a package. We’ve now confirmed with EB Games that Level 5 members will only be picked once a year and that they’re strictly limited.

EB Wouldn’t share exactly what amount of carrots that were required but they did say that it was based on a certain amount of carrots earned as well as other factors (that they wouldn’t reveal) and that spots are strictly limited. Whilst this is possible to change in the future, it doesn’t look that any other members will be upgraded to Level 5 until next year.

An EB Spokesperson revealed to us:

“At this time Level 5 spots are strictly limited and decided annually. Each year there will be a new batch of Level 5s, based on their carrots earned within the last year and other factors (for example, resellers are excluded).”

It was kind of expected that this would be the case as currently Level 5 memberships have an experts date which leads me to believe that ease memberships aren’t ongoing if you don’t meet a certain carrot requirement.

  1. I’m level 4 and have spent somewhere over $10,000 at eb games over the years but i didn’t get a level 5, I’m shopping at jb hi-fi now it’s much cheaper they may not have rewards but I feel lke it’s a slap in the face from eb games.

  2. Pretty sure it’s all about carrot + ultimate gamer pass purchase for the eb expo. They included eb expo tickets in the level 5 membership

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