IT Has Broken An All-time Horror Record In Australia

IT has broken some pretty incredibly records in its first weekend in Australia.

It is now the number one grossing horror film of all-time for an opening weekend in Australia and New Zealand. Raking in $7.47 million at the Aussie box office, this puts it ahead of movies such s Wonder Woman and DUNKIRK.

More specifically in New Zealand, IT has reached the top 20 highest grossing movies of all-time in an opening weekend for Warner Bros.

The stats are below and are fairly impressive.

Australian records:

  • Biggest all-time September opening weekend.
  • Biggest opening weekend for a WB film in 2017.
  • Biggest all-time opening weekend for a horror film.
  • 6th Biggest opening weekend in 2017.
  • 22nd all-time biggest WARNER BROS. opening weekend
  • More than double the opening weekend of CONJURING 2

What are your thoughts on IT? Is it what you were hoping for?