What Are Zing’s Mysterious New Loot Capsules?

Zing has announced the latest addition to their wide collectibles, the ThinkGeek Capsule. Coming in three different sizes, medium, large and extra large, the Capsules will contain items from a range of various pop culture franchises. You can find them right HERE.

Operating in the same way as Loot Crate, the ThinkGeek Capsule will contain a selection of different items from the latest in pop culture. The upcoming capsule will contain such items from the popular franchises of Justice League, Doctor Who and Fantastic Beasts. An additional clothing item, based on the size of the box and a mystery Zing gift card up to the value of $200 will also be included.

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The capsule will be available for preorder until the 20th of October and will cost around $50 with shipping directly to your door. I’ve got to say, Zing’s new capsule is sure to bring a sense of mystery and wonder to every purchase which is certainly a must have for any collector out there.