Nintendo Switch eShop Just Got A New Section

The Nintendo Switch eShop has been full of great titles such it released 6-7 months ago, but the biggest issue (especially as it’s consistently gotten more titles) has been finding what you’re looking for as well as discovering new titles.

Thankfully, this has just been made a little better. In the first significant update in quite a while, the Nintendo Switch eShop just got a “Current Offers” section. This will allow us to identify games that are on sale which is definitely much appreciated.

Currently, there are three titles in the category. These include Unbox, The Bridge and Minigolf, each which are currently discounted on the eShop.

Interesting enough, the new category is named differently in each parts of the world. In America, it’s simply titled ‘Games on Sale’.

  1. Oh thank god; I do still wonder what the “add to watch list” button in the store does though, unless it is just that none of the titles I’ve added since launch have gone on sale :/. Haven’t received any notifications about any of them, and actually come to think of it not entirely sure where to locate the Watch List now after you add them, either, so I can at least see what is on there.

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