Brisbane’s New VR Experience Launches Today!

After only announcing the new attraction two months ago, Zero Latency is today opening the doors to their new Brisbane, Free-Roam VR Experience. The Brisbane site is the second to open here in Australia (after Melbourne’s launch in 2015) and is the 13th Zero Latency site globally.

Brisbane has the up on Melbourne with the new warehouse boasting an epic-scale space allowing for Australia’s first dual game arena, which means simultaneous groups of up to 8 players each can gear up and jump into different worlds at the same time.

Zero Latency Brisbane will launch with three gaming experiences:

Zombie Survival: Trapped in a zombie apocalypse, with the undead lurking around every corner, survivors must band together to take down wave after wave of zombies and rebuild safety barriers before extraction by the rescue team.

Singularity: Something has gone wrong in a secretive military research space station. While investigating the mystery, teams must battle rogue robots and killer drones through narrow corridors and the zero-gravity environment of space.

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Engineerium: This puzzle adventure is set in a fantastical world with flying whales, giant parrots, and colourful creatures. Players challenged to solve physics-based problems as a team to advance along floating platforms high above the exotic planet below.

We were invited to visit Zero Latency Brisbane earlier in the week to experience the fun for ourselves, and 10/10 would recommend to the people of Brisbane to try it out. Tim Ruse, Zero Latency CEO, mentioned to us that having such VR sites like this now in Australia could mean the potential for partnerships with developers to bring certain content or special event experiences to the VR franchise. Friday night sessions of COD VR could be on the horizon? Sounds good to us!

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